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Originally Posted by ransom1122 View Post
@Amigajay - I have test all your releases with Winuae and all seem to work and play perfect. Great work you are doing for the CDTV community
Thanks! Yes i test all the discs on Winuae before uploading, so lets hope the memory usage is close to a real CDTV as some of these discs get very close!

Originally Posted by jotd View Post

Test Drive II can probably added too, all ECS 1MB OS-compliant games could qualify provided they have a proper crack (but CD driver could eat some precious memory and prevent some 1MB games to run).

Just make sure that savegames can be redirected to DF0: (not sure about D/Gen)
Yeah the assigns are the thing taking alot of time to figure out on some games, games like Titus The Fox stop on the title screen even with more ram so i must be missing either some libs or more assigns.
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