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Originally Posted by studio460 View Post
Thank you for your post! Yes, I understand that ADFs are disk image files. But what I'm suggesting it that it's exactly analogous to downloading a DMG onto your Mac's primary SSD, then "installing" the DMG on that SSD to that same volume (then deleting the DMG, if desired).
I sort of thought you might want to do something like this. A very Macintosh thing to do. ;-)

The thing is, most hard disk installable Amiga software is not distributed as disk images, but instead LHA or LZX (or sometimes even ZIP) archives, which you unpack to a temp dir or to the RAM disk before installing.

The gotek drive is not a suitable method for getting ADF files over, the PCMCIA CF adapter is. This is what you need to mount the ADFs, once you have the OS installed.

I very strongly recommend using ADFs inserted into the gotek floppy emulator for the initial OS installation.
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