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Originally Posted by jbilander View Post
That was the new V1200 (Vampire V4 for A1200) that plugs into the expansion port (trapdoor) of the A1200 motherboard. The new A1200 cases ( were made in 2015 long before Vampire Standalone V4 was planned. The new A500 cases being made now in 2019 can accommodate the V4 standalone . . .
Ohhhhh . . . Okay. Are you able to buy the indiegogo cases if you weren't in the original campaign? Also, does anyone know if the Apollo Vampire A500 special edition cases ($220USD) also come in black and if it comes with black keycaps? I wonder if the A500 cases will be available at AOTL (as the A1200 cases are now available for pre-order)?

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