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Originally Posted by DamienD View Post
Yeah, but Estrayk has a very good point.

People are willing to purchase legally so Jim should try to provide a method to enable this otherwise how will anyone be able to use the fruits of his labour?

This is the bit I'm struggling with. Jim wrote (what is as I understand it) an excellent piece of software. He put the time into it, made it. He owes us all nothing. Why *should* Jim try to provide a method? He's under no obligation to do so. If he doesn't want us to distribute it (as he made clear), for whatever reason it's nobody's decision but his own. The CU Amiga CD is there for people that want it. If they want a different version, they might be able to find someone willing to part with theirs.

Maybe I'm just getting hung up on the wording here, I apologise for doing so if that's the case. This feels as though the framing diminishes the author's agency and that seems unfair to me. Of course opinions are like arseholes. Everyone has one and most smell bad up close.
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