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Originally Posted by Estrayk View Post
We respect Jim's decision but the question is: Can we buy PCX & Fusion legally today? Where? I know more than one person that could be interested.
Not currently, but a new version is coming. I have several people on the FPGA Arcade Replay team beta testing the new version.

It's a bit frustrating that Jim tells us: No, you should not use the cracked versions from Digital Corruption and you can not buy it even if you have money and want to do it legally.

Is it so complicated to talk with for example and reach an agreement with them? Maybe you can not have total control of the units sold but that's better than nothing, right?

Jim, this is not an attack, it's just an idea, we respect your decision but you understand that it's a frustrating situation.
I have no idea who is, but I own the copyrights to FUSION (and PCx) and I can release whatever I like.

Like I said, there is a new version coming. The new version has improved video drivers (with support of several of the FPGA solutions), the ability to use ISO image files as CD-ROM drives, and other changes.

This is not my day job, but I do spend a considerable amount of time developing retro products now.
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