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Originally Posted by Bruce Abbott View Post
Yet somehow they were still able to patch the ROM to produce the peculiarly named '3.X', along with some kind of DRM that I can't figure out ("Each 3.X ROM set comes with a license key that can be used to download the ROM or the "workbench.library" file for installation or recovery purposes." - huh?).

Fair enough, can't do much more without source I guess. But what I am concerned about is what they will do when they do have rights to the source-code.

Not really Amiga related? Perhaps, but if that's how they treat the C64 community...
I do not know what Cloanto will do with sources if they have the rights because nobody can answer that until court decides but I know what Hyperion will do with the sources... nothing except they get updates for free. Thomas and Olaf (and the testers) can be praised to do it just for the community but it is obvious that this is not a enduring business model. And even their own product (4.X) is obviously stagnating for a long time already sticking to expensive exotic hardware. I do not know what Cloanto would do if they have won at court but I am pretty sure they will be open to any model, f.e. licensing "Amiga" to Vampire team. Hyperion cannot do that and do not want that even if they could.
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