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Originally Posted by phx View Post
The modulo defines the number of bytes to skip in a plane, after each line. Usually the next line follows directly in memory (modulo=0), but with interleaved bitplanes you have to skip the lines of three other bitplanes to find the next line of your current plane.

I got it, we must count "after the end of our own line".

Originally Posted by phx View Post
Yes. That's why it is called 16-bit bus.
Well, I asked in case special magic would allow to simultaneously use 8 lines for the cpu and the other 8 for, let's say, the blitter.

I was thinking about the blitter and modulo and I guess the blitter have to do multiple operations to wrote to the different addresses the data for each plane and I wonder if it use less cycles than the cpu to do the same. I find a thread about blitter timing here, so I will try to find the answer.
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