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Originally Posted by Olaf Barthel View Post
Yes, you are missing something.

The Amiga 1200 Kickstart ROM does not scan the entire memory range which is reserved for the CD32 extension ROM and the FMV expansion, and it also lacks the driver software for the CD32-specific hardware, which includes the built-in CD-ROM drive.

By using an Amiga 1200 Kickstart ROM in the CD32 you would likely be reducing the CD32 to an Amiga 1200 of sorts.
Thanks but I know that using only the KS3.1.4 in the CD32 is not enough, it would have to be interleaved with the Extended ROM for the CD32. The KS3.1 part of the ROM in the CD32 might be different than the one used for A1200 though, at least it is an older revision.
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