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@Toni that makes very much sense!!! I had to remove the AKIKO DMA clear because of audio.

yes, it's RN loader fault, since no audio is done at the start of any game.

Is there a way I can reproduce it on some WinUAE? where to get a debug build?

Note that I'm not taking over RNC exception handler, which probably overwrites vector at zero page. But installed game probably does. The issue is that if the files are small / file access is very small, this is going to take forever to load...

So basically should I:

- start with AKIKO INTENA completely disabled except for bit 29 (so audio can start/stop anytime)
- wait a while after RN routine (Psygore routine actually) ended

And that's it? no more INTENA fiddling, let RN routine handle it/save/restore it internally

thanks for testing and reproducing on WinUAE. This will help A LOT.

@mrz No, bad advice. Because CD audio emulation wasn't accurate on old WinUAE versions. Toni explained that himself in some thread. CD32load CD audio play uses PIO mode for audio CD, which is used nowhere else. And wasn't emulated properly before Winuae version 3.5 (not sure about the minor version).

And I agree with you that 1) wonderdog is rather bland, but I wouldn't call that horrible, and 2) the MP3 trick saves a lot of space, for my dropbox too
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