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Originally Posted by bagpipes View Post
Wow, that was quick! Toni, in Arcadia cart config works perfect but what are the proper shortcuts for kickstart_ext_rom? For example: v3.00 ARCADIA doesn't work.
v3.00 ARCADIA works fine here. You sure you don't have some other related config entry that overrides it?

Originally Posted by Amiga68k View Post

Symptom: Fullscreen D3D11 720x576 resolution has correct Aspect-Ratio, Fullscreen D3D11 1024x768 resolution image is stretched.
Does display look the same if you select 60Hz from display panel refresh list? D3D11 (DXGI) can work differently than D3D9/DirectDraw because DXGI fullscreen requires refresh rate, it does not have similar concept of "default" that older APIs had.

Also visible size can change depending on refresh rate if display is not using digital connection and/or display is not fully digital. Or GPU control panel may have some weird scaling settings too.
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