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As I had only tested the Save/Load option under AOS1.3 + jst, I gave a try under AOS3.9 + whdload.
The result displayed on the screen is not good in fact. Indeed, when I click on "Save" the game quits (returns to WB) and the following message is displayed :

DOS-Error #205
(objet non trouvé)
on reading "SaveDisk"

I tried :
- with, in DF0:, an empty disk labelled SaveDisk
- with, in DF0:, an empty disk labelled Empty
- without disk in DF0:
but the result is the same whatever is tried.

I then gave a try with the 6 disks ADF version of Universe I found (direct boot, disk in DF0: ). The Save/Load is working fine (on a formatted disk). Unfortunately, the save disk generated with this version cannot be used :
- to load the saved game (with the WHDLoad version)
- when using as the 6th disk with the WHDLoad installer (RawDIC freezes with an error).

As it is hard to point if this is an issue of the WHDLoad Installer, the 5 IPF disks set or Amilator, did someone had the same Save/Load issue ?
Is the Save/Load working on a real Amiga ? I mean with the latest WHDLoad and no registration key ?

Thanks for any feedback.
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