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I have lots to report.

Firstly, i only just got an ethernet card this week and been having issues with that as well, usually machine just locks up. Well i tested an Antec 350watt and the system no longer locks up.
I replaced ALL my memory back into the system (Not BigRamPlus) and i started unpacking files like there's no tomorrow, actually filled up my entire memory (140mb) with unpacked files, this hasn't happened before, so i starting to think, i crushed it, it looks like my PSU was the issue, played for another hour, unpacks and download files from ibrowse and FTP, not a single crash.

Hopeful, i grabbed the VA2000 and flashed her from 1.5beta (the last one i could safely use) and went directly to 1.7.1.

System did boot to a basic screen, enough for me to transfer the drivers via Amiga explorer. Backed up and replaced
va2000cx (Nothing yet in Startup-Sequence so its dormant)
rebooted and the system locked up at Workbench entry with corrupted GFX.

I did early boot menu, and renamed the env:sys/screenmode.prefs and the system again booted in basic screenmode. I then went to prefs/screenmode, selected the 800x600 i've previously been using under 1.5 and as soon as i click "test" the screen returns with this.
I tried the only other free Zorro slot and same issue.

This is pretty close to what i've had each firmware attempt since 1.5beta. I don't think my process is off because i have to pretty much reverse it all to go back to 1.5beta and i've always got back to where i started.

The only odd thing i may have done is during the earlier 1.6 attempts is i removed the Picasso96 v2.0 that i got from Aminet and install the v2.1e i found here -
It says Alpha but it didn't fix the issue and it remained the same so i never downgraded it back again as my thoughts were, its not Picasso96 ... thoughts?

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Funny that, i have the ATX adapter here and only today starting to replace, i hadn't suspected it but wanted to replace it cause the fan is damn noisy (my only reason seriously), i wonder if i'll inadvertently solve this issue as well. Will report back as i know i'm not the only one.
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