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Hey Everyone. Not going to take Credit but i bugged Lukas a few times for forums and suggested here, so yay! Good going Lukas. Lukas has had to put up with me for awhile now and i think this forums will help him alot.

I've had the following issues, yeah BigRamPlus gives me a yellow screen (although originally, it DID work), i got ram on my Apollo 060 so i'm not short of memory, though i did find that filling up ALL the memory, will cause alot of lockups. IE Apollo can have 128mb and onboard the MB takes 16mb, but if i unpack a large files (anything from 1mb and upwards) to ram: it'll lock up, if i remove all one ONE fast ram stick from MB and remove a SINGLE 32 stick from the Apollo, she's stable (giving me 96mb + 4mb). It isn't the memory as i can remove the VA2000 and put all memory back in AND the bigramplus (yeah 400mb+ memory, and i can unpack 100mb of files with no lock up.

My second issue is getting old native games/demos to run in a full screen, it'll take the top right corner of the screen and not fill the screen. I believe the solution was the CX2000 tool and configuring it correctly ... BUT the CX2000 tool only works on a newer firmware but my card has been stuck on 1.5.0 as i've tested every firmware since (about 4 versions) and each attempt to update results in a locked up boot sequence, the few times i can reach workbench, it is usually "uaegfx" crashing.

I haven't seen the screen for awhile so i can't recall the exact error. I know i'm not foing the formware wrong as i have to downgrade it back to the 1.5.0 and it works again, so i know it isn't me.

I also upgraded Picasso from the aminet 2.0 to 2.1e when the problem first appeared but no go.

Right now, it works, i can live with reduced memory as i had more than enough, and games/demos still work, so i can live with it, but would love to see the product do what it was designed to do.

Great work though Lukas, my Workbench looks AMAZING!
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