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There already exists a conversion screenshot for Black Lamp. But this does not look like the C64 version to me. Can this be the Amstrad or the Spectrum version?
The other Black Lamp screenshot also seems to be from the C64, but it seems the color palette has been altered by emulator settings to look more bright and saturated. A few "wrong color" C64 screenshots like this exist in the HOL.

For my own screenshots I use the CCS64 emulator, with the palette adjusted to the same values as is used in all Lemon64 screenshots; in the past I have taken screenshots for Lemon, and they demand the "real C64" colors for all screens.

Two versions of Cabal exists for the C64?
Only one version exists as far as I'm aware. But the old screenshot didn't show the score and energy graphics, which in this game are drawn to the "border areas" located above and below the actual 320*200 C64 screen area. Some games use special techniques to draw stuff to the borders, and these areas aren't shown in a standard 320*200 screenshot; this was the case for the old Cabal screenshot.

For all games like this I have manually adjusted the screenshot size to include all graphics. For some Amiga games too this had to be done, screenshots of "Blaster" is one example, as it partially draws the scores to the bottom border area.

Screens for these games already exists, but guess you wanted them replaced because old ones did not had proper title screens:

Flying Shark, Last Ninja 2, Line of Fire, Mickey Mouse, Road Blasters, Side Arms, Wings of Fury.
That's right.

And thanks for adding all this stuff so quickly. I still have one set of C64 screens "in progress", and will upload it later this week. But I think that will be the last one.
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