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More C64 shots uploaded: Part 4 is in the Zone.

Some info on few of the games:

Ninja Remix

HOL entry doesn't mention C64 under conversion hardware, but a game named Ninja Remix was surely released for the C64, so maybe this should be fixed.

Edit: Although I just noticed that the C64 Ninja Remix is an updated version of Last Ninja 2, while the Amiga version of Remix is actually based on the first Last Ninja game, so maybe it shouldn't be added after all, because the games are different for Amiga and C64, despite the same name. But both Lemon64 and LemonAmiga databases list the Amiga/C64 versions as being conversions, so maybe HOL should do this too?



This seems to be a conversion of the C64 game "Saucer Attack", which is included in the screenshots. I'm not sure if this Amiga conversion is official or not, but in any case I think the C64 version should be mentioned in the conversion section, despite the different game name, because it's almost 100% the same game.


And the Dylan Dog C64 screenshot is for this game in the series:

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