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New install of p96. I saved an image of my HD immediately before installing anything to do with the mediator, so I've been going back to that known good config when I've been starting again from scratch.

I'm convinced it's a connection or power issue too, else why would the voodoo keep dropping in and out of pciinfo? Plus the sound and net cards show fine in pciinfo when installed, which makes me think it's a voodoo issue. Detaching the CD-ROM does not help things though so that migh be something against a low power problem. I'm still not confident about checking psu rails, might ask a mate to come and help with that.

Doesn't explain why I get the voodoo double click or p96prefs crashes when the voodoo shows up with pciinfo though. Or why I can't get p96prefs to show a test screen on the occasions the voodoo is playing nicely in pciinfo....

I've tried removing PeterKs icon.library in case that was the issue - still no joy.

No old PC to try the voodoo in sadly. So I think the next plan is either to buy or borrow a spare voodoo or Radeon to rule out a gfx card problem

So annoying! I really don't want to have to spend yet more cash on this as its cost a bomb to get this far already!

And now the a4000 appears to be caput. Booooo

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