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It still sounds like there might be some sort of poor connection somewhere, or bus noise or power supply issues. Have a look and see if any of the chips on the Mediator are loose. Maybe removing and reseating them will help, though don't remove them unless you have the proper PLCC puller. The power supply can be checked with a multimeter, but that won't show any noise on the power rails.

Also have a look for any dirty or bent contacts in the slots for the logic board. In particular, slight damage to contacts on the PCI side can be hard to see. I have an issue with corrupted graphics and random lockups on an A1 once that turned out to be a slightly bent pin in the slot used for the graphics card.

Not that it helps much, but it's normal for the AGA output to be grey when the Mediator graphics card is in use, so it might actually be sending the data to the Mediator, but just not displaying it. Do you have an old PC anywhere that you could try it in, to rule out problems with the card?

On the software side, it looks like you have everything covered, but is it a fresh P96 install or did you have an older Zorro graphics card in there before?

The Mediator is excellent hardware once it's up and running. Don't give up yet!
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