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Unhappy A4000 Mediator and Voodoo 3 problems - losing the will to live

Hi all,

I finally had chance this weeked to have a go at installing my new Mediator 4000Di. It's brand new and the latest 2015 revision of the daughter-board and logic card.

Installation went well, the early boot menu showed that the board was recognised. I installed the software off the cd, installed the update. pciinfo would recognise my Voodoo3 and I had a go at installing the Ratte switch and the Picasso96 drivers off my OS3.9 cd.

I was getting a black screen following this which caused a few headaches until this morning I re-read the ratte instructions and realised i hadnt installed the little piece of software in C: to do the switching.

With this in mind I turned the A4000 on this morning only to be greeted with a flashing green screen and a reboot loop. I can't access the boot menu. I assumed there's a problem with the hardware so powered down, took the mediator out and re-seated it. Unfortunately the green screen will not go away. I've tried re-seating several times.

If I remove everything, reflash my SD card to a known good config, put the cbm zorro daughter-board back in then the A4000 springs back to life perfectly.

I have nothing else installed in the A4000 (other than Indi AGA, CDROM and SD card) and i did not try any other PCI cards - i wanted to get the Voodoo3 working first.

So there's a problem with either the Mediator zorro card, or the logic board or both. I've checked and double checked that it's not shorting on anything. It's close to the Indi AGA but there's space, and I've place electrical tape on the top of the Indi to provide further assurance that's there's nothing touching.

So has my Mediator killed itself? I've contacted my reseller by email for advice

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