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Originally Posted by Kloks View Post
I have watch your covers againb on your blog. I really miss the backcovers. Is it only intended to use in slim cases?
Is it also possible to release it in a much higher resolution? It really looks not that great if you print it out (even on a laser printer) in the resolution you have release it.
Anyway, it’s a great work
At the moment yeah only slim cases or pocket folders, i have alot to go through (250-300 ish, with the official CD32 games, CDTV compatible remakes and unofficial releases) so the covers alone will take a while.

What resolution are the images for you? I'm creating them at 1415x1415, so if they are smaller you aren't saving them correctly.
Though some images won't appear sharper because the original resolutions are no higher, so increasing the actual cover resolution won't solve all the problems, i do try and get the highest res images and/or are workable and actifact free, without stickers etc There's not even images for a few CD32 games on the net, so a hour or so goes on touching up the Amiga cover.

Edit: just had a look and right clicking on the image no longer takes you to the photobucket page for some reason, for now just download the pack on each page, these contain the full size original files.

Or go directly to my Photo Bucket below, and click the image you want, then click the magnifying glass to zoom in on the full size image.

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