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I can't reproduce this.

The tooltypes save fine, used the ClassicWB UAE version to test.

Added a tooltype Quitkey=$59 (F10) using Scalos Info requester, hit return and saved.

Launched the game various ways - also from HD directory and a HDF file - and the tooltype is still present. WHDLoad 18.1.

You could try and install PeterK icon support in the My Files -> Install -> Icons drawer, that updates some files and requesters, but to do that you will need to install the latest UAE version (as of today) as older versions will not have the script flag set on the install files and will break your config..

This was due to zipping up Amiga hard drive folders (HDFs are fine) when using the PC version of ZIP in Windows does not preserve script flags, so had to change the install procedure.

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