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Originally Posted by luke_70it
I've seen latest news are 1 year old (if my search was correct)...
Is the project active?
It is again as of now. First my thesis got in the way, then it was paused bacause of the GameBase Amiga release. I must admit we're not nearly as far as I'd hoped, but we'll see.

Originally Posted by luke_70it
I'm curious: which db will you use? OpenOffice Base? do you plan to replicate/improve gamebase functions (adding multiplatform) or are there completely new stuff?
The database back end is SQLite and improving GameBase was the whole point of it. The general concept of GameBase is not bad, though, so it will certainly resemble GameBase in many ways.

I've decided to refrain from making any more estimates about when it's coming until I actually have something presentable (which is why I concentrated on this very presentable GameBase Amiga release and WHDRun before continuing). But yes, it is still coming. Eventually.
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