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Originally Posted by Sly294
thanks all very much as it is now sorted.
but guess what the problem was ?? i typed C: (capital C instead of a small c: ) Can you belive that ? all that confusion for me was all to do with a capital... or rather the not capital .... lol
thanks all very much for help.
as it stands i've installed WHDLoad and installed SWOS 95/96 clean edition and installed fine and also played fine untill i went to start a new career, which then it crashed all the time. any idea's ?
That can't have been the problem though, as the Amiga treats c: and C: the same, indeed for any disk/drawer/file name it doesn't matter whether you use capital or small letters. E.g. if you had a disk called Games then it wouldn't matter if you typed GAMES: or games: or even GaMeS:
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