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Part 2:

Right the A500 with no HD and only 512k is a very limited machine for doing this, and I have not tested it so... if it doesn't work replay and I'll endeavor to fix it


Okay once all the files are on your floppy, boot the a500 up and run PC0: (or CrossDos).

Put the disk in which has HandyDMS and DMS into the drive and copy the contents to ram:

from CLI use the following: Copy df0: #? to ram: note: I cannot remember if you need the to in the statement if not use : copy df0:#? ram:

rignt next put the disk in the drive which has part1 on it and from a cli type: Copy df0:gamename_part.dms to ram:

right now part 1 and dms/handydms are in ram, go there and run HandyDMS.. Again you need to select the DMS executable from the HandyDMS prefs.

Put a blank disk into df0:

Press the button Get DMS and navigate o the dms file in ram (gamename_partx.dms) and then in Tracks enter 0 and 30 respectivley. Next press Write this will write the first 31 tracks to df0:

right next goto a cli and type delete ram:game#? to delete the dms.

Put the PC disk with part 2 into your floppy and copy the gamename_part2.dms to ram:

now repeat the above steps in HandyDMS but remember to put the blank floppy in the drive and change the track setting to 31/60 respective!

Repeat the above for part 3 and voilla a working game Disk.


This is long winded and if you have an external floppy you don't need to use Ram:

If anyone wants me to write a proper tutorial on doing this gimme a shout and I will.

p.s HandyDMS and DMS are in the Zone (well gimme 10 mins and they will be!)
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