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Okay what you need to do (The easiest option I believe) is setup a working WinUAE HD.


Right find DMS (v 1.11 or 1.53 are better for A500)

Next find a program from Aminet called handyDMS it is an excellent GUI for DMS


Right run WinUAE and let it boot to your WB

Next put the game adf in the virtual DF0:

Using HandyDms do the following:

goto the menu and select EDIT PREFS

from the next window press the GET DMS EXE button and select the DMS executable, close window

now from the main window, in the box next to the GET DMS button put ram:gamename_part1.dms

now where it says Track enter 0 into the left box and 30 in the right box

Where it says Compression makesure Heavy 2 is selected (takes longer, but better pack ratio)

now press the READ button the file named above in ram. this will read the first 30 tracks from the disk.


Repeat the above steps but change the name to ram:gamename_part2.dms and change Tracks to 31 and 60 respectivley.. again press READ and another file will be created in ram:


Repeat again but for tracks 61-79 and part 3


Now copy everything from ram to your windows folders, and then using windows copy what you can to 720k floppies

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