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Originally posted by Chris
So it's difficult to load any software AND have enough space left to store a game in the RAM at the same time.
You could split the image into parts as this site shows
If you are low on memory (512K), then you will need to copy the disk in chunks of a few tracks (0-79) of the disk. e.g.
Transdisk -s 0 -e 30 >mydisk1.adf
Transdisk -s 31 -e 60 >mydisk2.adf
Transdisk -s 61 -e 79 >mydisk3.adf
then you can transfer them to the PC and then join the files together:
Copy /B mydisk1.adf+mydisk2.adf+mydisk3.adf mydisk.adf to create the full 900K file.
Or use DMS.
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