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If the red silicon like substance is your work, not a good idea, SMD caps will stay in place just fine. The reason some manufacturers use silicon to hold larger style capacitors in place is to avoid vibration causing stress on the component's soldering, such as in power supplies, absolutely no need for it on a motherboard and it's always a bastard to get off later.

In the picture you showed of the lifted pad, the hole to the right is called a via, which is a point between one or more layers on the PCB, it will have a corresponding hole on the underside of the board which you can use to trace where the via goes. If that had been me repairing it, I would have fashioned a pad for the capacitor using mod wire, forming it in the shape of a series of repeating "U" or sine wave shape if that makes sense, using a small dab of nail varnish to hold the wire in place, allowing that to dry and then soldering the wire in the via, top and bottom, then soldering the capacitor. As the wire length is short, when you solder the capacitor down, it will re-melt the wire enough to melt the solder in the via, but it will harden again and form a strong mechanical bond.
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