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You can either:
1) Trace it and find a bigger and healthy pad to solder on
2) Use a needle and scratch the hole a little (so the solder will stick), add flux, add solder, then put the cap back on and try to make the solder from the pad go to the little hole and stick there (not easy, I think)
3) Put a thin wire (e.g. Kynar) inside the little hole you see, and use some flux to let the solder stick (PS: Not sure if a kynar wire can hold all the power! You might do 2) instead)
4) Go to the underside of the motherboard, get a knife tool and gently cut of the protection layer of the trace that goes up to the hole, then add flux and solder a long wire on it and wrap it around the corner and up to the capacitor =)

Eeek, what is all that red stuff? I'd remove that instantly

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