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Stuff for sale amiga a1200 plus more retro stuff

Saw my earlier post moved, apologies didnt notice your marketplace section. You can view my other post about the Amiga a1200 I am preparing to sell.

Thought I would offer you all here the chance to aquire some of what I am clearing. So I have these things that may interest you

1: Amiga a1200, seems fully working (see other post for more details)

2: Spectrum+3 action pack boxed complete, nice condition. Powers on but does not read discs. Seems its probably just the well known problem of the disc drive belt getting brittle and snapping. I have bought 2 x new belt but doubt I have the technical expertise to fit it.

3: Amstrad CPC 6128: It all lights up but I have no monitor to try it on or games to test in it. If you can tell me what sort of monitors I could test it on I may get one.

4: Binatone TV master think its a Mk6, boxed in good condition. Have tested it all minus the gun as I only have LCD tv's now so cant test it. Console makes a noise when gun plugged in.

Ive lots of other stuff too from retro to modern, having a huge sale off and may do a boot sale. Let me know if there is anything you are after, never know I may have it.

Will take sensible offers on any of the above. Bear in mind I do know what the Ebay selling prices are

Located in Bristol near junction 17 m5 for pick ups or can consider posting.

Many thanks
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