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Well, the reason was ofc that most computers didn't have two fire button inputs (MSX, Amiga etc are exceptions) - so joystick makers, with a few exceptions, made single firebutton joysticks ONLY. Sometimes the suckers had two buttons on the base, one index finger trigger, and one thumb button, all connected to the same fire button!! Not just mad, but silly mad.

That was then, this is now. Solder a button to the up direction on your joystick, or do the same in WinUAE, and have fun

Up as jump is "kind of" logical (even though using UP to climb ladders ONLY is more logical, and using UP to open doors is less logical!), however timing jumps are a mofo on all joysticks. Well, a jump button is also logical, and makes all platformers what they 'wannabe' - Super Mario.
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