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I see...

Originally Posted by Hobbe View Post
Here's the deal. A lot of platformers out there do not allow you to set buttons for jumping, and to the best of my knowledge, you can't force this from WinUAE either.
Of course there is The input panel allows you to map any input source to any emulated action. So you can easily map you gamepad button to 'Joy2 up' as an example Go to the inout panel, choose 'Configuration #1' and your gamepad. Now comes the 'bit tricky' part Set 'Y axis' to none, scroll down, assign 'Y Axis [+]' to 'Joy1 down' and your button to 'Joy1 up' (maybe you need to choose Joy2). Not tested here yet, but would if you really can't get it to work.

Edit : Correct the Y Axis mapping thanks to Hobbe.

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