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Originally Posted by Basquemactee1 View Post
Just wondered if the AMR will be updated soon, only asking because it's been great fun yegoing back thru the issues (albeit online) and re-reading articles etc that I well remember years ago, and am waiting for the next installmets to read!!
Just want to point out that AMR is updated most days of the week, with reviews, scans and other info. (e.g. coverdisk contents etc.) being added to the database. Updates are mostly announced, though, when something quite substantial is added to AMR (e.g. scans of whole issues, the addition of a new magazine with cover scans/review scans/review info., scans of special articles etc.).

As Galaxy said, however, we're all pretty flat-out atm with life and other Ami projects, so major updates might not be as frequent as they have been since AMR was launched. That doesn't mean that people like yourself can't contribute in the meantime, whether it be magazine scans, indexing reviews, providing coverdisks etc.

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