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You might want to check out the ROM jumpers.

Some A3000 owners have noted that new 3.1 ROM chips can't be run at 25 Mhz. Set the ROM speed at 16 Mhz with jumpers J150 and J151.
The A3640 has a MAPROM feature which copies the ROMS into RAM, perhaps one or more of the Jumpers is set wrong and the ROM isnt being read correctly when using the onboard 030?

Which motherboard version do you have? The Jumper Tables all are for the 313311 or Rev9 of the motherboard.

-01 is the 16MHz PAL A3000
-03 is the 25MHz PAL A3000

(I assume you've got a PAL one being in the UK)

You might like to checkout Calum Tsang's Great A3000 Hardware Guide

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