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hmmm, game tunes which come to mind first: it came from the desert (map), hired guns (main menu), lost patrol, all sotb-1 tunes, superstardust (esp map & a special mission dont remember the level), perihelion (excellent i think), narco police (those drums kick ass), blood money intro, supremacy intro (brilliant) settlers 1, speedball 2, and lots more

and im gonna name a few demo's here: lech, proziak, hallucinations & dreams, desert dream (masterpieces, prolly both my all time #1's), maximum overdrive 2, roots 2, indigo, and again, lots more

then there's an unidentified 'alienmenu.mon' file on my harddisk, its got no additional info in the sample-bank or elsewhere. i suppose its a soundmon file. it's only 41,830 bytes, runs for 4m42s, it kicks ass, and when i play it today using surfsmurf's oldskool winamp plugin, it sounds remarkably clear on my 5.1 dolby system

edit: and oh yeah, this one cracktro from the late 80's: world of wonders

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