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Hi Rochabian , i have posted one month ago in other thread about playing multiple file cdxl on the fly, it works good (only if you no go forward with the new feature of agablaster player ! , in this case, it will stop at the end of the video file and you will have to click on mouse), I same you, my CD32 don't accept DVD

my older post with video example and simple script:


Hi CRG aka Glen M, I have just made a try for multiple CDXL and it's working good ! (low 320 and HIGH 640) thanks for your tips on your youtube video

[ Show youtube player ]

edit : oh, i've just notice that when the first movie is playing, normaly you presse LMB for stop but since there is multiple cdxl files, each time you click, you can go to the next "chapter" , nice feature
For cut the videos (I have made empire strike back entire movie, about 20 GB ! , 9 files), I cut the chapter with quicktime on Mac, very good tool, I cut back easily, but for a entire movie, it's a lot of work to be perfect and our demand for cut CDXL before would be nice option !

@movec : like you can see, I have my script working nicely but when I have some file of the movie in another volume disk, I cannot play after the others, it stop and said that he cannot found the right file, do you have a idea ? of someone ? thanks .
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