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This may be slightly OT, but I used CrossDOS for reading MS-DOS disks rather than ST ones. I was in a university computer course in the mid-1990s that, of course, focused on PCs for the coursework, and of course, I still had my A1200 when others I knew had traded in their Amigas for PCs for the coursework.

I had no issue with moving the files back and forth, but there was one ridiculous difference between Amiga and PC that caused a lot of problems: the PC's insistence on using TWO ASCII characters for each line, namely Carriage Return and Line Feed, whereas the Amiga only used ONE. Basically, I didn't know how else to remove the blank lines between each line of program code I wrote, so I spent a good few minutes, several times, deleting the excess characters. Real pain in the proverbial ASS.
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