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Damien I really appreciate your last message.
And above all, your patience

Something moves under the ashes for WREX
So stay tuned.

Problem here, as usual, is that real life it's demanding and not being kids anymore.. everything is 'slowed down', time is limited.

So often I start doing something I like and when I see that it works, I abandon it for something else that I like (yes, when you do it just for your pleasure, it happens).
Being almost 50 is challenging, you would like to do many things but then you realize you can't do it anymore.

I found some old code that I wrote in the late 80's and I find myself trying it again and modifying it.
Often I am amazed at how good the routines were, even if simple, and I find code tricks that I didn't even remember using and I thought I had 'invented' only recently.
Sooner or later I will close the circle completely and go back to the C64

Now back to normal life..
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