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Originally Posted by ransom1122 View Post
I used DamienD's WREX - Waste Recovery Extermination (19xx)(Domark).adf typed in nutter on level 1. Let the baddies win, but I get a game over screen once I'm fired (Lose the level)
Eh, it's not my .ADF... it's the only one availbale in TOSEC and has corrupt graphics when it's game over

There's a thread about it somewhere on EAB

Originally Posted by ross View Post
Well, the behavior can be changed.
Don't change this behaviour, this is how the game is supposed to be.

Originally Posted by ross View Post
I've only to release the 100% and trained version that has been lying on my hdd for months..
Yes, please, please, please do ross

Hopefully I didn't spend hours play testing all 36 levels months back for nothing

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