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Originally Posted by mcgeezer View Post
And this is what worries me, some of the enemy animations are huge.
I'll take the first step and extract all the graphics and see where things stand.
I'll report back here but it isn't clear cut - however I am keen on a "what could have been scenario for the A500".
Indeed, i just checked albatros and there are about 90 frames (89 if I count correct). So even if we assume 48x64x4 then it takes 136704 bytes (89 frames). Also I tried to count maskers frames in MAME and I failed, too many heads, other bodies and so on.. but I assume that there is also about 70 or more frames for one type of maskers. There are for sure 3 differ types so finally 210 frames (one frame 32x64x4) takes 215040 bytes. What about tiles, masks for enemies, balcony, mesh.

Now I see three options:
1. crunch gfx data and decrunch in fly.
2. store some gfx data in SLOW and use processor to paste it on screen
3. increase requirments to 2mb CHIP - best option for me.

Finally I think that I was pretty naive when I started thinking about version for A500 with 0.5 MB CHIP only
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