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Few things to check

In winuae you must remember to change chipset extra to A1200 and you must set the device for the hdd as commodore ide.

The boot partition must be within the first 4gb of the drive, I normally set it to about 500mb or 1gb maximum

When you create DH0 you must remember to check make bootable (you'd be surprised how many times this catch me out!)

The patch you are referring to is scsi.device. Get a copy of loadmodule and copy it to C: then get a copy of scsi.device.43.45 and copy it to DEVS: then add the following line at the top of your startup c:loadmodule devs:scsi.device.43.45 to edit the startup open shell (system:shell) then type ed s:startup-sequence

Take a look at my CD32 x-bench setup video. It goes through everything you need in the first 15/20 minutes or so, just ignore the xbench specific stuff. There's a handy dropbox link in the video description that contains everything you need.

I'd also recommend using the PFS3AIO file system which would let you create say a 512mb partition for workbench (boot partition) then the rest 7.5gb for your files etc. BTW I do say in the x-bench video that there is a limit of 4gb partitions, thats bollox haha so if you want to wait to the weekend I was intending on doing another quick video focusing on the basics of setting up a large drive under winuae using workbench 3.1.

link to video - [ Show youtube player ]

link to dropbox folder -

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