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A500 Tank Mouse vertical movement issue

Mouse issue:

Left and right is fine. (dodgy at first and improved after blowing the wheel)

Both buttons are fine.

Up and down doesn't work.

Tested a known good mouse on my A500 and that worked fine (phew).

Took a can of compressed air to the open mouse. Didn't seem to make any difference...however....if I spray it while plugged in (yes I did this), the wheel spins fast and THAT gives up and down movement.

So now after much spraying and rolling, I some "some" up and down movement but very little and very sporadic.

Ideas? I really want to try and resurrect this mouse as it's the original from this pack and in excellent condition cosmetically.

The situation "seems" to improve the more I hit it with spray but I'm wondering if a known electrical fault should be looked at?

Yes all the simplest things were tried first.

Old habits die hard. The VERY first thing I did was pull out the ball and inspect the condition (almost spotless) and move the rollers directly.

Most testing since then has been done with mouse open, turning the wheels directly.

Adding this info to the OP

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