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Originally Posted by jack-3d View Post
I will check LEDs, but so far testing is not successful. After InitPPC the 128 MB RAM is loaded, but once I run any WOS binary Amiga goes to reboot (PowerLED blink).

When I keep Amiga running about 20-30 minutes then I can run some of the stuff like UltimatePPC bench, Syspeed, GearsPPC... but GearsPPC doesn't run too long, it stops after few minutes. System doesn't crash/reboot, but GearsPPC simply stop working.
Oh you don't need to check if it's "working" that much.
It goes something like this, one is the board fail LED and the other is data bus activity LED.
With an Ragnarok, both get lit as soon as power is turned on, and after initialization, the data bus should show some activity.
With the Apocalypse, if the board boots at power on as the Ragnarok, we've found you'll have problems. Which is why we're setting that jumper so the board doesn't try to boot at power on, processor is held at reset until the library initializes it.

As I understand it the original design was that the board fail LED would be lit under a couple situations, system is booting and when finishes booting board fail turns off. Or error condition occurs and turns board fail on. Or just whatever the designer wanted it to signify.

The other thing which is mentioned in the Wiki is that the Apocalypse seems sensitive to board order and termination, more so than the Ragnarok.

Tower card order (which works and requires almost no warmup time):
5) 100MB NIC
4) SB128
3) Radeon
2) Apocalypse
1) Spider
Desktop card order (which works after a long warmup time, motherboard is on original caps):
4) 100MB NIC
4.1) Zorro A4091 (not needed)
3) Apocalypse
2) Radeon
1) SB128

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