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Originally Posted by zipper View Post
My A500 is towerized into a Micronik tower with Zorro slots so I can run a Picasso IV. But it needs processing power which is solved by Blizzard 2060. Goes into that crazy expensive class...At least a fast 030 card is recommended with RTG Graphics.
Well Processing power might be ok once the TF530 is in, I have a 68EC030 40mhz, with an FPU. I just hope its all ok, its so hard to find what I wanted at the time.

Obviously an 050 or 060 is the dream, but this should certainly bump things up if it works!

Doesnt look like Picasso cards are all that abundant, I am sure I have seen some after market type ones recently while doing other research.

Thin I have sent most of the day doing Amiga stuff and I am fascinated by the thought that it might be possible to get my 30 year old Amiga on to the internet and play all the things I have always dreamed of doing as a kid
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