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Amiga 500 Graphics upgrade options?

Apparently I am all about the classic Amiga, but want to make loads of changes to it lol.

So I have my Original A500 from when I was a kid, in which time its gone through 2x 512k memory upgrades(which both died, one when I was a kid, the other about 3 years ago when I started using the machine again), which recently I got a 3rd 512k and then put a '2mb' one in, in place of the 512k.

It seems to be a Standard one with a Standard Video Output(stock Denise, not the super) - an A520 modulator. I was going to look in to making a scart adapter to replace the modulator, as scart is quite close to VGA RGB and may work on some of my monitors.

I have been recently watching videos where people have Vampire accelerators and thought it would be really nice to just be able to hook up to a modern screen, with it being super sharp.

Having Just finished building a Terrible Fire TF530 today (which is the most complicated thing I have ever built) which has a reasonable investment in components, I'm not going to go down the Vampire route.

Other things on the go are:

Currenly looking at a ROM switcher, I have 1.3 (original to this Amiga) 2.04 and recently I have installed a 3.1 ROM, was going to get a switcher for all 3 (apparently easy to make) not sure if any graphics change will interconnect with the version ROM I have from a compatibility point of view

Zorro Slot adapter, I bought a PCB off ebay last week(waiting for it to arrive) to hopefully solve some problems of relocating my A590 PCB as this is all in a PC case, means I can hook up maybe a Zorro card from a big box Amiga?

I have something like 4.5mb of ram with the ram upgrade and A590, hoping the TF530 will bring that to 6.5mb.

I have an HXC device built from a modded GoTek. I also have a Normal Amiga GoTek. so getting files on and off the machine wont be a problem.

Hoping to have some sort of running operating system on a hard drive (scsi or IDE) or CF card soon (I did have WB 2 installed) Ideally going to look to get WB 3.1+ on it, does that affect the graphics much?

So space is not so much of an issue as its all mounted in a PC case.

I wondered about maybe getting a scart HDMI adapter, but I guess I wanted to maybe find something a bit better.

It also doesnt want to be crazy expensive, either to buy or build.

I did wonder about maybe some old PC graphics card might have been supported?

Please enlighten me
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