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Originally Posted by Gorf View Post
Well that was my impression.
If this is not your major concern, what is it then?
Should I have a major concern ?

Originally Posted by Gorf View Post
expressiveness, easy of reading, helpful constructs, intuitive syntax ...
yes, I think it matters.
This is theory.
But in practice nothing can really be considered as expressive, easy to read, helpful nor intuitive...
It's not without reason code is named "code".

Perhaps we could do some kind of code contest, just to show how different languages look like for the exact same task ?
Concrete examples always say more than just talking.
This would be, however, in another thread as we're already quite OT here.

Originally Posted by Gorf View Post
well, until someone succeeds mankind will have to use one of the existing languages - and for many tasks Python is just fine.
Right, but for many tasks the other languages are also just fine.
However, sometimes a language just plain sucks.

I want a language that can be used for any possible task a computer can do.
I want a language that is good at bit fiddling.
A language that can easily detect arithmetic carry/overflows.
A language that does not do things behind my back.
One that has an easy way to provide a simple frame buffer instead of having to use dubious external libraries.

Originally Posted by Gorf View Post
true and that is a pity.
(I wonder why KI and machine learning don't give us the perfect compilers ... probably because these are just buzz words)
Actually even a "perfect compiler" (whatever that means) would have trouble beating a good asm coder. And this, for the simple reasons it has to respect the specs of the source language (which has its own limitations), isn't allowed to completely redesign how data is stored within the program, and of course has no clue about what the program is actually doing.

Originally Posted by Gorf View Post
I understand the need of something fairly small and fast in the case of Amiga - even accelerated or emulated ones.
Still I think Python as a language would be up for the task (see MicroPython and StacklessPython), delivering a useful scripting language in addition to AREXX.
If it is in same category as Arexx, then it's not exactly all-purpose.
And then i admit it does not interest me that much.

Originally Posted by Bruce Abbott View Post
Shit piled on top of shit.
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