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The pleasure is mine. Thanks for watching gulliver and Pyromanina!

Originally Posted by lesta_smsc View Post
When it mentions in the video the PCMCIA friendly setting of 5.5MB available, but you mentioned it would jumper to switch off 4MB, hence 4MB remaining? Also, if it can be disabled in software, is this 'real time' or does it require soft boot to apply the settings (just wondering if this can therefore be used as a means of hot-swapping the PCMCIA card in / out)?
Great question and thanks for the kind words Lesta! Archi-TECH can explain that better than I so I reached out to him directly. Here is his reply, "If you will switch only by jumper, then you have only 4mb (additional 1.5mb (separate area memory) must add from shell or new GUI) all changes will be active after reset CAA. ROM 3.0 have bug, you can have all memory and working PCMCIA"

Ha ha and don't worry, any Amiga is great - stock or pimped. Anthony was just messing around. That said adding some extra RAM to a stock 1200 will open up more options for WHDLOAD because some games require more than 2MB. This is a great option. If you can swing a board with an 030, that would be super sweet as well. And don't forget that the Warp 1260 is coming too, but that is substantially more expensive than just RAM. I believe Archi0TECH is working on an 030 expansion too. So many greta options! We are so lucky.

I hope this helps!
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