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Floppy disk Kryoflux Imaging Timings

This is probably best on the kryoflux forums, but will try here first.

I was wondering, how quickly those who own a kryoflux board on a PC can image a standard Amiga 3.5" standard disk (no copy protection etc).

For me, I can do them ~<2 minutes each disk.

Now speaking with a friend of mine, when he uses an Amiga to make ADF files, he can do them <50 seconds. They both read at 300rpms ... so wonder where the bottle neck is, and if its possible to speed up the process.

I wondered if its possible to image to ADF on the PC any faster, if its a problem with my computer and time for an upgrade. Or if this is due to kryoflux having to decode / transmit over slow USB?

Just wondered what you other ladies and gents are getting.
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