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Thanks Bill, we appreciate the support

I had intended to reply earlier, but Tsak had covered the situation pretty well. There were a couple of things I wanted to add.

When I started this project, I knew so little about Amiga development that I went about this the wrong way and ended up with an inflexible codebase and an inefficient engine - when I started, I just didn't know how to scroll efficiently (the original version of AlarCity literally had the entire map in memory at once), or what interleaved graphics were and why and how to use them.

Putting aside the project at the end of last year to do The Kiwi's Tale gave me an opportunity to write an entirely new engine, and since then I've made the engine more optimal as well as vastly more flexible - this has become the Scorpion engine, which in turn will eventually become the core of the final AlarCity engine.

So, the experience with AlarCity certainly hasn't put me off development. On the contrary, asides from the AlarCity demos out there, I've developed Road Avenger, Time Gal, The Kiwi's Tale and the demos of Highway Sprint and Scorpion in parallel, along with numerous little hack projects and such. Each of those helped me a little more with understanding Amiga development, so that when we finally finish this it'll be a lot better than it could have been if we had stuck with the original development track.
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