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Originally Posted by malko View Post
Of course .
It's also written in the "usage" of the script, with different words, that this script is intended for people having downloaded (all) the updates.

It's the reason I have created this 79Ko script
When I came to reinstall your Collection after the BSOD, I realised how lucky I was to follow all the steps when you posted them. Having to dive into them afterwards was a real mess .
...but what I'm saying to you is that not everyone has done the same for whatever reason.

Some people will have followed my thread religiously so will have the "original" update packs then applied any small fixes (some no longer exist in the thread; as I usually incorporate into the next pack).

Others wouldn't have done the above and will now have the "updated" packs so no need for the small fixes if still available...

Plus I've always informed people personally via PM when they tried to download an "original" update pack and it had been corrected / re-uploaded; they should know exactly what's needed.

...but again, if you feel that you've possibly missed things or not applied everything correctly, I suggest people just PM me for the new download URLs and then you only need to apply "Update Pack 11" and "Update Pack 12"

Anyway, you guys do what you like... I can't be spending more time on this subject... and it's probably going to cause doubt / confusion when not necessary; and I've tried my best to avoid that as much as I possibly could already...

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