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Originally Posted by NorthWay View Post
Great old thread, so let me do a little necromancing:
(0 - Bubble Bobble was nothing but a compare instruction that you could remove and so skip the whole protection check.)
1 - everyone keeps saying standard MFM data. Did any game use non-standard MFM or not MFM?
2 - I'm pretty sure I read in one of the old Amiga mags about some devs who claimed they had developed their own format that could fit 1.3M on a disk. Did that ever happen?
3 - Are there alternative bit encodings that obey the MFM rules but achieve better than 50% data density?
Well technically, MFM data applies to a standard AmigaDOS formatted disk, but the term "MFM protection" was used to describe in cracking circles as a copy protected disk where every track would show as an error on a copy program, and each track would need to be decoded, or the disk would need to be dumb read or cracked to standard AmigaDOS files.

Pretty sure the Psygnosis format as used on SOTB 1 and 2, Awesome and a few others was pretty close to 1.3m per disk, hence why Psygnosis were so keen on it.

It was possible to exceed the data capacity of Turrican 2, but Turrican 2 was what all drives could cope with, going much larger didn't guarantee that it would work on all drives which was obviously not encouraged.
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