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Cool Hero saved Lynx

Hi Akira,
I am quite sure it is the RGB-problems are the fault of the socket of my 1083S monitor. -it is a bit loose.

B.T.W in this thread you asked:
Any other hardware that died on you and you still miss (...)?
Well, this weekend I have saved a piece of hardware from the scrapyard: My brother's Atari Lynx II! Because he was cleaning the attic he wanted to throw the handheld away! I just could save this little machine which comes with adapter and 12 games including boxes, manuals and posters. (For those who are interested in the games: Batman returns, Lynx Casino, Dirty Larry renegade cop, Scarpyard dog, Viking Child, Gates of Zendocon, APB, Blue Lightning, Warbirds, Rygar, Chequered Flag and Lemmings).
Pity the Lynx never got the credit it deserved. It is a bit the same story as with the Amiga: Good quality but bad marketing. Looks like the Gameboy Advanced finally has caught up the Lynx in 2001 with its colour display.
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